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Dental Services Offered in India

Did you know that you can now get in touch with a dental clinic to plan a holiday? No? With dental tourism, you can! With dental clinics at some of the developing nations in the world, offering world-class dentistry services at affordable prices, you can now go for that vacation you always dreamt of and get your dental treatments done at the same time. The same treatment at a developed country like UK, US or Canada may cost much more than the cost of the entire trip with the treatment put together. What more? These dental clinics have tie-ups with tourism agencies to help you plan the entire itinerary. So all you need to do is pack your bags!


Status of Dental Tourism in India
India fares very well when it comes to dental tourism. Here are the reasons why:

  • Indian dentists are highly qualified, experienced and follow the level of hygiene.
  • You may find this hard to believe since you think your last root canal cost you a bomb! The truth is treatment prices in India are much lesser.
  • Everyone dreads going to the dentist. However, with top quality surgical instruments and pain-free treatments at India, dental treatment is no longer a terrifying experience.
  • Last but definitely not the least, India boasts of a diverse culture, history and cuisines which makes it a hot tourism destination.

What Dental Services Can One Avail While Vacationing in India?
Well, literally all of them! Be it tooth implant, root canals, crowns, fillings, cleaning, whitening, repair or extractions, they have got it all covered for you. With most of the dental clinics situated at easily accessible locations for tourists, visiting them for any treatment and follow-ups doesn’t pose a problem.


Dentist India Vs Dentists in Other Countries

So, why should tourists choose India over other countries?

  • Favourite things in life don’t cost much in India, take dentistry for example. A tooth implant in the costs USD 4000, whereas in India it costs USD 1000. Tooth whitening in the costs USD 500, Indian dentists charge USD 100.
  • There is an of dental clinics in almost all tourist places in India. So whether you are planning to explore beaches in Goa, snow-laden mountains in the extreme north or temple towns of south, you can get a dental treatment done anywhere.
  • As there are many options available for tourists here, getting an appointment isn’t that difficult with mostly no waiting time.
  • India ranks second among the countries having the number of English speakers. So, is not a barrier for tourists.

Needless to say, tourists must be careful in choosing the right clinic to ensure best results. Dental tourism is definitely a boon to Indian economy as it creates a number of dental tourism jobs. So the next time you plan a vacation, check out the dental holiday packages in India and head back to your world with fond memories and a sparkling set of teeth!

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