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Ensure proper Dentist India to avoid problems associated with dental Implants


Dental implants in India have long been serving as an incredible alternative for the restoration of the missing teeth or the tooth. Such implants are popularly known as the anchors that are placed within the jaw bone so as to offer permanent support to the dentures or the crowns.

Implants made using ceramic or the titanium alloys are believed to be the number one option to replace the missing teeth. However, since these are surgically implanted in the jaw, one might face certain problems and complications. With any surgical procedure, there may be some potential downsides that may require immediate Dentist India. Hence, it is mandatory to be aware of these before considering this as an alternative for replacing the missing teeth.

The first and the most common problem associated with dental implants is the improper osseointegration. This might occur because of the improper fusion between the implant surface and the surrounding bone. A number of factors are involved in the failure of the osseointegration. Of these some of the most prominent factors include little or no availability of the bone to be able to stabilize the implanted root, enormous pressure being forced on the dental implant right after the implantation, excessive heating of the bone of the jaw, infection in the site of the dental implant and lastly compromised blood supply.

Another problem associated with dental implants in India is the allergic reactions. This might largely occur because of the titanium implants and may lead to inflammatory reaction or allergic reactions in the patients who maybe allergic to metal. Since these are made of metal, this can lead to allergies, inflammation in the gums or the bones as well as galvanism.

Further, the placement of the implants can cause infection in the gums or the surrounding areas. The false dental root is surgically implanted into the jaw. This might lead to infection in the tissues in and around the jaw. Infection can occur because of crown restoration or surgery. Besides this, poor oral hygiene too can cause infection.

Next problem that may occur because of the dental implants is the nerve damage. This might arise because of the over preparation of the implant site. It can further result in numbness or an ongoing pain in the lips, gums, tongue or chin.

A dental implant or any type of the implant can be seen as the foreign substance by the body. Being a foreign substance, it may or may not be accepted by the body. Infection usually is seen as the key cause for a rejection of the dental implant.

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