When it comes to enhancing one’s smile, what are their exact options for cosmetic dental work? There is no a single doubt on the fact that cosmetic dentistry is on the rise and one can get a hold of a cosmetic dentist by a mere search on the internet by typing “cosmetic dentist near me”. It is also seen sometimes that few of the reality shows have given an insight into how a dentist can change almost any random person’s teeth to offer them the smile as per their choice. One’s dentist will be able to assist them to determine which approach will suit the best in beautifying their smile.

cosmetic dentist in Mumbai

Here are the seven cosmetic dental procedures which one can expect out of a cosmetic dentist in Mumbai -

  • Cosmetic dental veneers - veneers are a thin shell constructed by a composite material or a thin shell. They are cemented and custom made for the forefront of the person’s teeth.
  • Cosmetic dental crowns - Crowns, also known as caps, are custom made so that it fits easily, over the person’s tooth, after the dentist has prepared it.
  • Cosmetic tooth bonding - bonding is the methodology in which tooth-resembling coloured materials are affixed to the tooth. This is a methodology that can be utilized to enhance or repair the aesthetics of a tooth that has been broken or stained etc.
  • Cosmetic teeth whitening - Also known as “teeth bleaching” this methodology can whiten and brighten one’s teeth from staining and/or discolouration. 
  • Cosmetic orthodontics treatment - This procedure is not for children. It is the adults who are opting for orthodontics more and more. If one is having issues with crooked teeth or bucked teeth, that person may contact a dentist for the reference of a good orthodontist.
  • Cosmetic teeth shaping - Also known as “enamel shaping”, the dentist can reshape one’s tooth by removing or filling the enamel. This methodology is generally not painful and can produce instant effects.
  • Cosmetic dental implants - A dental implant is a metal framework constructed to restore missing teeth. The device is normally manufactured using titanium and is surgically affixed into the jawbone where the gap is. Compared to a dental bridge, an implant is persistent. A dental implant is fabricated to act as the tooth root and can stabilize artificial teeth or tooth such as bridge, crown etc.
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