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Here are some top toothache remedies by Dentist Mumbai

Wisdom teeth can be very painful. For some, the pain goes away on its own while the rest are doomed to go to the clinic. This article is focusing on the remedies of tooth pain.

  • Wisdom teeth: Up, close and personal
    Wisdom teeth are extra molar teeth that are last to break through the gums. They occur in late teenage years or in the early twenties. These teeth are mostly misaligned and are angled inward or outward. Since they are located in an awkward position it becomes difficult to reach them while brushing. The risk of infection is immense because there is an opening for bacteria to enter. Bad breathe, severe pain, redness and swelling are the symptoms of the emergence of your wisdom teeth.
  • Applying Numbing gel on the area will help in reducing the pain
    Benzocaine is an element which is used to reduce pain because it has a numbing effect. There are various products that are available both in the offline and online market. It’s considered best to consult a doctor before applying any such gel. One also needs to make sure that he/she isn’t allergic to the product that is being used.
  • Have a Painkiller to reduce pain
    Painkillers like Ibuprofen are said to reduce the intense agony to some extent. One can take aspirin or paracetamol, depending on the pain and the recommendation of your doctor. Dentist Mumbai caution that placing an aspirin tablet on your tooth can make things worse.
  • Gargle with warm salt water or have something hot
    It’s a known fact that placing something warm on your teeth reduces the pain. Hence, drinking a cup of tea or coffee will help in reducing the pain. Dentists state that any build-up of bacteria in the gums can cause aching and thus they advise the usage of hot salty water to clean the area.
  • Applying an ice pack can bring in some relief
    Ice has a numbing effect in general and applying it to the affected area will reduce the pain. This is considered to be an effective home remedy in treating tooth pain. It is advised that you should not use an ice pack for more than 15 minutes.
  • Have some Onions
    Onions are an anti-inflammatory food item. Cut the onion into a few pieces and chew on it for few minutes. Make sure that the onion is placed on that side of the mouth that is hurting and do not forget to spit it out. This is considered to be an effective home remedy.

Prevention is better than cure and it is always better to avoid the root cause of suffering. Following a healthy diet and taking care of your oral health are the two best ways to have good teeth.

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