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Here is what dentist in Delhi has to say about home remedies for toothaches

Being one of the strongest bones of the human body due to its hard enamel covering, teeth are one of the sensitive parts that assist in the many oral functions and hence needs proper care for its optimal performance.

Though it looks like a hard white group of shelling that can pierce through any foodstuffs and grubs it protects soft sensitive tissues and bones inside that regulates the functioning of a tooth.

These insides are called roots, which are covered with thin layered bones and helps in anchoring the position on a tooth in a gum. So in cases when tooth stars aching, it’s mainly due to some problem occurring in the roots of a tooth.

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A toothache, being a painful condition, can occur due to some rupturing in the gums or in the teeth. Although there are many reasons for a toothache to occur, here are some causes that are frequent in these conditions.

  • Gum diseases such as Gingivitis or periodontal diseases due to lack of proper oral care can cause pain in the tooth.
  • The arrival of wisdom teeth gushing out through the gums and pressed against other molars and premolars can also cause pain.
  • Left behind food particles after food intake decomposes and produce bacteria that cause decaying of teeth resulting in tooth pain.
  • Having a sinus infection is also one of the causes of a toothache.
  • Joint disorders in temporomandibular or the jaw can also cause pain.

This condition is quite common to show its presence at night and can disrupt someone’s peaceful sleep during the nocturnal hours. Moreover, this condition causes decay in the gums resulting in bleeding which is a painful and unpleasant experience at the same time. On top of that, if not treated at the right time, it can lead to deterioration in oral health leading to more painful experiences in the future.

In such conditions, it’s always better to be referred to a good oral surgeon as they provide insights and treatment for this ailment. Though it’s strongly advisable to visit a dentist following are some remedies provided by a dentist in Delhi that can help in rooting out this ailment.

  • Daily utilization of Alcohol-containing mouthwash after brushing teeth helps in disinfecting and numbing the pain.
  • Avoiding foods that are acidic, cold or hard right at night as it can worsen the cavities the teeth may have already formed resulting in increasing pain.
  • Using Tylenol, Aspirin, Advil or Motrin can provide relief to a minor degree.
  • Using ice pack in the hurting side in case of consistent pain or using clove oil.

Though these remedies may help to provide temporary relief, it’s always a better option to be treated by a dentist and get a permanent cure.

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