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How to Find a Good Dentist in Delhi?

Has your tooth been bothering you for days? You might need to visit a dentist. But don’t go to the first one you can find at the corner of your street or just because he is cheap. A dentist in Delhi can be found in almost every area; however, not all of them might be experienced or proficient enough to handle all your dental problems. So you need to do some research and make sure that the one you choose is a trained professional.

The required educational qualifications for a dental surgeon in India are as follows:

  • BDS - Dentistry
  • MDS - Dental Surgery or Implantology

  • International Fellowship and other training programs

Do your research thoroughly to make sure your dental surgeon has any one or more of the above qualifications. How crowded his dental clinic is, how well it is done, or just because it is air-conditioned must not be your deciding factor. Be sure you are attended by a qualified dentist only.

There are many dentist India who are famous but charge only Rs.100 or so for a single extraction. Beware! In an attempt to save some bucks, you might end up spending more and going through excruciating pain in fixing a bad job. Also, make sure that the dentist maintains cleanliness and hygiene on the premises because bad hygiene or unsterilized equipment could lead to other unexpected complications or disasters.

These are some simple first-hand checks you need to do when you visit a dentist.

Pricing is another factor that needs to be factored in.

Let’s take an example: You need to get a tooth extraction done. Be informed what kind of extraction it is. There are two kinds of extractions performed on the tooth:

  • Irrupted - normal extraction
  • Impacted- minor surgical procedure

The price of the procedure depends on what kind of extraction it is.

Many of the Indian dentists are well-trained not only in their field, but also possess the rare quality of empathy which is very hard to find elsewhere in the world. Such a fine breed of dentists and dental surgeons in India make it a one of the top medical tourism destinations for dental surgeries and procedures. It has attracted tourists from Europe, America, and Gulf in large numbers. Attractive combo packages are offered to these tourists that include accommodation, dental procedure, care, rehabilitation and a tour too. With dental procedure and surgery costs ratcheting up the world over, India is the only nation that is able to beat the price and offer quality dental care.

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