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How to find the best cosmetic dentist in Mumbai?

Dental implants is probably the common treatment in cosmetic dentistry today. There are lots of dental clinics in Mumbai which offer the service of dental implants at very reasonable prices. However, you should be careful while selecting a dental clinic when you are going for cosmetic dental treatments as in a lot of cases, they involve a number of occasional risks.

First of all, let us understand what dental implants are. In general, dental implants refer to the installation of foundations, usually made of titanium, on the part of the gum which has been left empty due to teeth loss. The metallic foundation is expected to fuse with the gum and get implanted on the jaw bone for the dentist to fix artificial teeth and cover the gap in the next phase of the surgery. The surgery is actually considered a minor one, but there is a chance of complication. Although the level of complication depends on the physiology and past records of the patient, it shouldn’t be ignored that the success of dental implants also depends on the expertise of the doctor. Let’s discuss different post-surgery complications.

Probably the most common of all complications is post-surgery bleeding. Usually, the dental implant might take a few days to get integrated with the jaw bone, and in that duration, if the patient is not very careful in restraining jaw movement, there is a chance of bleeding. In such cases, the patient must use cotton swabs to stop the bleeding and if in case it still does not stop, it is always better to consult the cosmetic dentist in Mumbai.

If we talk about complications at a more permanent level, sensitivity of the teeth is an issue faced by many patients after the dental implant surgery. Its symptoms might not show at first but in the long run, the patient can suffer from sensitivity to cold, heat and even touch. Sometimes, the sensitivity might also be the result of an infection. To avoid infections, the patient must maintain proper hygiene of the oral cavity and have antibiotics regularly.

The most dangerous complication which might arise after a dental implant surgery is nerve node damage. It mostly happens due to the mistake of the dentist. The dentist might wound the mandibular nerve which runs below the teeth on the lower jaw. If the wound is severe, the patient might lose the sense of touch on the lower lip. This is exactly why it is important to go for the best cosmetic dentist in Mumbai who are experienced in teeth implants.

Follow the post-implant suggestions of the cosmetic dentist in Mumbai to minimize the risk of complications.

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