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How to find the best ‘dentist near me’?

Almost 65% of all dental and oral hygiene problems are preventable, if diagnosed at the right time. Dentists are the main saviours when it comes to helping patients with dental woes. General dentists, as the name suggests, do not focus on any specific aspect of dentistry. If you are thinking what functions does the general dentist near me performs, you can be sure to tick the following services:

  • Dental examinations, dental X-ray and thorough teeth check-up can go a long way in detecting oral problems like cavities and plaque. Your dentist can help you with how you can improve your oral health and suggest the best course of action, if need be. They also monitor the growth of jaws and teeth.
  • If there is a dental problem, your dentist will also offer you the right solutions. He will ensure that you get treatment on time. If you are experiencing a tooth or gum ache, the dentist will diagnose and treat the issue. Dentists also offer prompt treatment in case of dental accidents such as knocked out or loosened tooth. Some advanced treatments like canal, tooth replacement, implants, etc. can also be performed by dentists.
  • In some cases, poor oral hygiene may cause complications in the rest of the body. Dentists do not just care for your teeth and mouth, but also your neck, head and nervous and cardiovascular system. During the dental examination, dentists check for any swelling, lumps or ulcer present in the teeth, gums and throat. If any abnormalities are detected, they conduct some more tests to find the problem. Dentists near you will advise you to quit smoking and prepare an overall oral hygiene plan.

Being a dentist is highly respectable and a sought after profession in India. To be a dentist in Delhi, it is imperative to have a certain kind of qualification. Students who have completed their higher secondary school with a Science background (physics, chemistry and biology) can apply for the Bachelors in Dental Surgery course. It is the only professional course in India for dentistry. Selection to BDS course takes place through entrance exams such as NEET and seats are filled based on rank. The BDS course is a 5-year course, inclusive of a one-year mandatory internship.

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