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How to keep teeth germfree: A brief by Cosmetic dentist in Mumbai

Having teeth that are healthy and happy requires lifelong care. It’s important to understand the correct steps to maintain the health of the enamel. Utilizing these steps every day is the best possible way to keep dental problems under check. It involves getting hold of proper oral care products as well as adopting careful and preventive measures in one’s daily habits.

Below are the steps to be followed for germ free and white teeth:

  • Regular brushing
    It’s not a secret that the common advice is to clean and brush the teeth at least twice a day. Still, most people don’t pay heed to it and continue to overlook their dental health. It is important to brush your teeth after eating meals and before-after going to bed. Cosmetic dentist in Mumbai state that cleaning the teeth before bed makes them germ and cavity free. It is effective in removing dirt and food particles from the teeth, which might get accumulated throughout the course of the day.
  • Eat and limit the consumption of beverages
    Limit the consumption of acidic beverages like fruit juices and colas. Food acids weaken the material of the tooth. They dissolve the minerals that are present on the surface of the tooth and create cavities in them. In adverse cases, the teeth may be ruined right up to the gum level.
  • Don’t brush in a hurry
    Cosmetic dentist in Mumbai state that the style in which one brushes is as important as adopting measures to tackle the bad health of teeth. In fact, doing a mediocre job in brushing your teeth is as effective as not brushing them at all. Take your time, move the bristles of the brush gently and make circular motions to eliminate the accumulation of plaque.
  • The composition of the toothpaste is another factor that plays a vital role
    When it comes to selecting toothpaste, there are more important elements to watch for rather than its flavour. No matter which variant one chooses, you should be certain that it includes fluoride. Fluoride is a preeminent and a well-known guard against root decay. It controls the germs that can cause decay by attacking them, and also produces a shielding effect by forming a barrier over the teeth that protect it from other harmful bacteria.
  • Mouthwash
    The use of mouthwash in the country is not that favoured, despite all the benefits that it has. Studies have shown that a good mouthwash not only removes bad smell from mouth but is also effective at keeping bacteria at bay. It is advisable to use mouthwash after every meal.
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