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Is bad breath permanent or temporary? Here is what dentist in Delhi are claiming

A pleasant smile can make someone’s day a lot better but having a bad breath makes a poor impression on others. So it’s essential to take proper oral care by either visiting a dentist or by carrying out home-remedies. Before starting the cures and treatments for this ailment here are some facts about bad breath (otherwise known as halitosis) and it’s causes.

Halitosis is a condition of having an unpleasant odour in a breath. Though it can occur for situations such as diabetes, liver and kidney diseases or digestive disorders, in majority cases the problem lies is in the mouth and is caused by dry mouth or improper dental hygiene.

The food left behind in the teeth during munching sessions begins to decompose and decay. This decomposition leads to the accumulation of bacteria. These accumulated bacteria are expert in thriving especially in low-oxygen environments such as the back of the tongue or gum pockets and produce volatile sulphur compounds, for instance, hydrogen sulphide that generates pungent odour from our gums.

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The type of food being consumed also can act as a factor that can adversely affect someone’s breath. Consuming foods like onion, garlic, cabbage and various other spices can lead to halitosis. These food items after digestion are absorbed into the blood which in turn is transferred into the lung, thus leading to bad breath when one is exhaling.

Besides dry mouth, improper digestion, oral diseases, and other medical conditions, one of the root causes of bad breath is cigarette smoking. Along with shortening lifespans, this hazardous substance has detrimental effects on oral health. Containing over 4000 chemicals among which 200 are poisonous, these chemical leave behind residues in our gums and gets mixed with the airways of the lungs thus affecting the breath and oral odor.

Smoking is also one of the major causes of periodontal disease that causes decaying of tooth and gum diseases. In order to cure the ailment of halitosis, it is necessary to visit a dentist. Breath fresheners such as gums and chewing strips can only provide temporary relief. It also helps to have a routine of taking good oral care such as brushing teeth twice regularly, flossing twice a month which helps in eliminating halitosis. If accessing a dental practitioner becomes a problem home-remedies such as drinking green tea, using mouthwash, staying hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids regularly can also help as stated by a dentist in Delhi. In order for a healthy mouth, it’s best to follow a daily routine to smile more and engage in conversation without unpleasant odor getting in the way.

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