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Is the implant procedure a lengthy one as practiced by implant clinic in Delhi?

Even today, common people get tensed when it comes to getting a dental implant. They still think that it hurts badly and the procedure is a lengthy one. This is not the fact at all. Those who regularly follow the health magazines or articles are aware of the fact that dental surgeries and implants have become advanced with the help of advanced surgical tools and use of robotics technology.

A dental implant consists of three stages. With that information in mind, one must also understand that these three stages are not exactly three steps but there are also three essential parts to the result that replaces one’s tooth with an implant. First, there is the implant itself, which is the metal rod that the dentist surgically fixes into the bone. Next is the abutment, which joins the implant to the artificially-made tooth. The last stage consists of the crown (which is also known as a prosthetic tooth).

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The fact the methodology consists of three distinct steps alone doesn’t shed light on the fundamentals though. Here, one will get to know, why a general dental implant needs three different steps, as per the insights provided by a renowned dentist in Delhi -

One: locating the implant - The first/initial stage of the dental implant procedure is to fix the implant in the jaw bone via a surgical methodology. The dental implant restores the tooth root and needs a healing period. During this healing period, osseointegration (the amalgamation of the bone with the implant itself) happens. The cells of the bone actually affix to the implant rod, filling in the gaps to hitch the implant in position for a permanent dwelling. The healing period usually takes about 4 - 6 months.

Two: Locating the abutment - It is reported that, most of the patients who came to get their implants done in an implant clinic in Delhi asks the same question i.e. what does the abutment do?

The abutment is a post that joins the implant to the artificially-made tooth. Technically, the abutment is an overpass that extends through the gum line so that the implant within itself stays grounded. In relation to the implant, the abutment has a curing time of its own. The gum on which the abutment is fixed must heal and form a collar or cuff around it prior the crown can be implanted.

Level three and the last stage - Once the abutment and the implant location have successfully made coherent, the prosthetic tooth is customized accordingly and implanted thereby concluding the process.

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