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Medical Tourism Income Ratcheting Up With Dental Implants India

Dental implants refer to the prosthetic replacement of one or more missing tooth. It involves an artificial tooth being set into the jaw and permitted to fuse with the bone over a duration of a few months. It acts as a spare for the missing tooth. Dental implants are fused to the jawbone in an effort to make them resemble and function just like real ones. Most dental implants are made of titanium, which allows them to integrate with the jaw bone without being recognized as a foreign object. Time and technology have played a key role in the success of dental implants procedure in India.

Replacement of a single missing tooth with a single stage Nobel Biocare implant.
Replacement of all teeth with dental implants and prosthesis.

When Would Someone Need A Dental Implant?

Patients of all age groups, who need tooth replacement due to accident, injury, decay or simply aesthetics can get dental implants. When it comes to tooth replacement, generally three options are available based on the prices and feasibility.

  1. Removable dental appliance (complete denture or partial denture)
    Conducted on a patient with a limited budget, age or certain medical conditions.
  2. Fixed dental bridge (cemented)
    Conducted on patients who have supporting teeth on either side of the bridge to hold the teeth.
  3. Dental implants (Fixed and Fused)
    Are a bit pricey, but a long-term and convenient way to manage your teeth and looks.

Dental Implants India

The average cost of an implant in the United States can range between $500 to $900 per implant, depending on the type, number of implants, the material used and design. What’s worse, most insurance companies do not cover them as they consider implants cosmetic and not life-supporting. High medical costs in the West are opening lucrative avenues for medical tourism in India.

Dental Implants

India is becoming a popular destination for medical procedures especially in the field of cosmetic dentistry, owing to the soaring costs in western nations. Indian clinics, through partner networks, offer interesting packages including travel visas, airport pickup and drop-off, appointments, X-rays, C.T. scans, accommodation, meals and a carefully planned tour itinerary of the city. All included, for a fraction of the cost. The procedure is conducted by well-trained and experienced medical professionals with latest technology and equipment on site. It is safe with a success rate of close to 98%. So why not undergo cosmetic dentistry and enjoy a little vacation as an added bonus?

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