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Natural tips for curing tooth pain by Dental clinic in mumbai

A feeling of discomfort and a painful experience in the oral dentures leads to an unpleasant experience that prevents from having a pleasing experience. The displeasing experience of toothaches is frequent dental ailments that occur from a broken tooth or a tooth cavity. The terrible feeling of tooth pain is common issues treated that are treated by the dental clinic in Mumbai. The medical firms have long witnessed cases of toothache and have provided the necessary treatments in wiping out such undesirable experience.


Tooth pains are mainly categorized as dull tooth pains which occurs to damage of the nerves and sharp tooth pains which are minor variants of toothaches. Sharp tooth pains are more of a temporary ailment occurring for a short duration. Possible factors that arise sharp tooth pains are decaying of teeth and gums, infection in the gum, a broken tooth, consuming cold and aerated drinks or foods and many more.


The temporary ailments can be fixed by visiting a dentist as it often requires getting a cavity filled or repairing a broken tooth. On the contrary, there are dull tooth pains which are more of a serious problem. Though it begins slowly at the beginning it starts to have its effect later and retains for a long period of time. It starts originating from the nerve surrounding the tooth while it gets damaged. Dull ache provokes the sign of a serious infection and should be treated at its initial age from dental experts.


As much as it is important to go to the dentist for oral checkups it is equally important to take proper maintenance of the oral assets. For any kinds of dull pains or sharp aches, the following natural remedies will soothe the pain and grant a pain-free experience.

  • Many Dental clinics in Mumbai recommends Clove Oil for any kinds of for its eugenol content.
  • Rinsing salt water is a profound way of sanitizing the oral foundation and have a clean stain free mouth.
  • Peppermint containing menthol have antibacterial properties that the formation of bacteria.
  • Adding hot and spicy cayenne pepper in the mouth is effective as it contains capsaicin and can help with the pain.
  • Chewing cloves of garlic releases allicin which also known to be antibacterial.

While these natural remedies are effective it is better to have a visit in the dental firms and go for an oral checkup.

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