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Reasons behind people opting for a cosmetic dental treatment clinic

Cosmetic dental treatment may it easier for one to care their teeth, but its primary purpose lies in beautifying the look of one’s smile.

Cosmetic dentistry is sometimes mistaken with orthodontics, although the two are often related, they are different aspects within dentistry. Depending on one’s needs, their respective cosmetic dentist may work together to beautify their smile, but cosmetic dental treatments clinic concentrates on enhancing the aesthetics of teeth, while orthodontists focus on re-locating the teeth in one’s mouth with tools like braces and aligners.

A brief insight into the works of a cosmetic dentist-
For people who are unhappy with their teeth positioning and structure or certain deeper problems like the shade of the teeth gone darker, they should go for a cosmetic dentist. Given below are some of certain issues that a cosmetic dentist in Mumbai handles-

  • Stains- It is natural to develop a yellowish hue on one’s teeth, with age. Minor stains can be removed by whitening pastes but in case of major staining, one must see a cosmetic dentist.
  • A tooth that is exceptionally small- For some people, the problem is that they find their teeth are very small and their gum is covering almost everything. In that case, they need to consult an oral surgeon. Otherwise, if the case is of a single tooth, they can consult a cosmetic dentist.
  • People who have chipped teeth- Chipped tooth makes a huge deal when it comes to your smile. They may not be affecting your health but definitely making your smile look bad. Fortunately, a cosmetic dentist can solve the issue.
  • A cosmetic dentist can also reset gaps between teeth; which is a common problem for most of the population.

Services involving Cosmetic Dentistry-
When one sets an appointment with a cosmetic dentist Mumbai, he/she will inform them about what will be the best-suited form of cosmetic that can be applied to beautify their smile. In other ways, the dentist will provide a fusion of cosmetic treatments which will enhance their smile. The treatments can be listed as-

  • Professional teeth whitening-
    It is a methodology in which advanced bleach solutions are applied to the teeth. The chemical penetrates the enamel and removes deep, permanent stains like those from wine and coffee.
  • Bonding-
    Is a methodology in which the dentist applies a tooth-coloured material, known as composite-resin, to the teeth. The composite is used to fill a cracked or chipped portion of one’s teeth.
  • Veneers-
    It is a procedure where one’s teeth are being properly shaped by implementing a thick cap of porcelain in front of their teeth.
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