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Rising demand for cosmetic dentistry

Every person tries to look his very best; be it at an event, a family function, at a night-out or even at work. A well-turned out appearance speaks volumes about an individual’s personality and adds to his confidence, which allows him to socialize with ease. A large part of how one looks is his facial features, especially the way one smiles.

Now, one might not have the whitest or most proportionate teeth by birth. Or maybe, he has met with an accident that resulted in some kind of dental deformation. Usually, the person would have to remain that way for the rest of his life. However, with the progress of modern medicine and innovative techniques, such problems can be easily solved.

Dentistry is no longer limited to maintaining dental hygiene and getting rid of cavities. It has extended its roots to cosmetic dentistry as well. Cosmetic dentistry relates to the work done to enhance the appearance of gums and teeth. It includes procedures that focus on the shape, size, color, alignment and smile of an individual’s teeth.

There are a number of well-trained and skilled Dental clinic in mumbai and other major cities in India who offer cosmetic dental treatments. Although Cosmetic dentist in mumbai serves the restorative need, it is more often elective than essential.

Following are some of the most common procedures in cosmetic dentistry:

  • Teeth whitening – Food, drinks and other lifestyle habits may cause discoloration and staining of the enamel of the teeth. The teeth whitening procedure involves bleaching of the enamel layer to restore its natural color or even make it a shade lighter. The procedure may take two to three weeks and even four weeks to gain optimum results.
  • Composite bonding – It is one of the most affordable cosmetic dental procedures. It is usually undertaken to restore the appearance of decaying, chipped or broken teeth. The dentist extracts the decaying tooth, applies composite on the surface of the missing tooth/teeth and then shapes it. The teeth is then subjected to high-intensity light that binds it to the jaw and makes it firm.
  • Implants – The process involves the insertion of a screw-like apparatus through a surgical procedure. The screw is bound to the gum, and the artificial teeth are constructed on top of the implant which acts as a firm base.
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