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Role of Dentist India in Promoting Dental Health

Oral health is usually the most neglected. Lack of awareness and poor oral care are the prime reasons for deteriorating dental health in Indians. A significant percentage of the Indian population suffers from dental ailments like untreated cavities in permanent and deciduous teeth, periodontitis and tooth loss. This calls for the need of better oral care facilities with latest technological developments. Efforts are being put into widening the reach of dental services to every corner of India.

A new-age dentist India should be able to provide top-class services while uprooting the age-old fear of painful dental procedures in the minds of people.

  • Advanced Dentistry-Dental Implant Technology
    Dental implant treatment is provided by many dental clinics in India. This treatment is a boon for those patients who have lost their teeth/tooth due to some accident or oral disease. This treatment also helps patients with deformed or damaged teeth.
A dental implant is placed by surgically implanting a titanium post (analogous to tooth root) into the jawbone and attaching the replacement tooth or bridge to it. A Dentist India with high surgical precision can promise great results when it comes to the durability and finesse of brand new dental implants.
The entire procedure requires a period of 12 months, in which the first 6 months are required for the root graft to heal. In the later half, the crown is placed on the root. Dental implant treatment is a lengthy and complicated procedure, which is why one should get it done only from the best dentists equipped with latest dental technology.
  • Advantages of Dental Implant Technology
    Gone are those days when one had to deal with the fuss of conventional dentures. Not only do they fail to provide a natural look but they also slur speech and are not as strong as real teeth. Indian dental clinics and hospitals provide world-class dental implants at a good price, though they are much costlier than dentures.
    • Dental implants are strong as they are permanently fixed; hence they retain a natural
    • Since dental implants are well-fitted and do not slip, the speech of the patient remains unaffected.
    • Dental implants require normal dental routine, eliminating the need of removing and cleaning the prosthetic teeth as with dentures.
    • Patients can binge on their favorite food just like they would do with their natural teeth. This is quite difficult with dentures.
  • These also help in promoting natural bone growth in one’s jaw, reducing the loss or damage of jawbone.

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