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Some Common Dental Complications Addressed by Dentist in Delhi

Oral hygiene goes a long way in protecting your mouth and gums from all kinds of dental problems. However, most of the complications that arise out of poor dental health can be treated. Being aware of the dental issues can help you overcome them with ease.


Some common dental problems, prevalent among the people of India, are as follows:

  • Mouth Sores
    They are pretty common and appear quite frequently. If a mouth sore, or cankers as they are commonly called, persist in the mouth for more than two weeks, it requires attention. These mouth sores are of different types and can sometimes be painful.

    The most common type is the canker sores that develop inside the mouth. These are quite contagious. The reasons for its appearance are many, including spicy food.

    Oral thrush, another type of mouth sores, are caused by a yeast infection and are quite common in infants and diabetics.
  • Decay in Tooth
    Tooth decay is amongst the most prevalent dental problems encountered by dentists in Delhi and all over India. It is also known as tooth cavities, and occurs when plaque accumulates on teeth over time. Cavities basically mean an erosion of the outer enamel of the tooth. Cavities can appear at any age and in some cases, are also triggered by a few medications.
  • Bad Breath
    Bad breath is another common dental issue that arises due to poor dental hygiene. Research suggests that in most cases of bad breath, there is an underlying dental complication that is the trigger.
    Some dental conditions that cause bad breath are gum diseases, oral tumor, cavities, and bacterial infection. It is advised not to ignore bad breath, especially when it is persistent.
  • Periodontal Disease
    Any kind of infection in the gums is called gum disease or periodontal disease. When left ignored, it can result in tooth loss. It is common in adults over the age of 30. The causes of this disease are many including smoking and dry mouth.
    The symptoms of gum disease are bleeding in gums, tooth sensitivity, pain while you chew, bad breath and swelling in the gums along with tenderness and reddish colour. Immediate treatment is required on the onset of these symptoms to prevent further complications.
  • Sensitivity in the tooth
    Another common dental issue in India, sensitivity is the pain or discomfort that arises when you sip on something hot or cold, especially frozen desserts. Sometimes even basic activities like brushing and flossing can cause this pain.

This is another condition that can be treated. However, it needs immediate attention.

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