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The Best Dental Clinic in Mumbai

As far as the major metropolises are concerned, the expenses of dental surgeries may be a real concern. Also, the cost of implants depends on the type of implants used.

Generally speaking, there are three types of dental implants: conventional implants, immediate implants and immediate loaded implants. Naturally, the cost of dental implants in India counts on which type of implant is being used.

In general, the cost of dental implants in the subcontinent ranges between INR 35000 and INR 45000. However, the prices may vary depending on the type of tooth implant, the material of the implant, the design of the concerned implant and the number of teeth that require implant. The entire procedure usually does not take more than a week.

Coming to the question of dental implants against the backdrop of major metropolises, it is argued that as far as dental clinics in Mumbai are concerned, the dentist fees are not usually capped. Although new technologies are flooding the market, these remain apparently out of reach as far as the common man is concerned.

For instance, there have been cases in which dentists have provided estimates of lakhs of rupees for dental implants. Dentures are relatively cheaper, yet not consolatory. According to a majority opinion, implants are relatively newer technologies compared to dentures and root canal treatments, hence more expensive.

Naturally, the cost of the procedure depends on the price of the implant, the artificial tooth and the concerned dentist’s fees. Additionally, what is important to keep in mind is that expenses also depend on the location of the clinic. The overall scenario is rather bleak. For instance, the cost of a single implant in private hospitals could be anything between INR 25,000 and INR 60,000.

The situation is more or less the same with a cosmetic dentist in Mumbai and other cities. What only adds to the common man’s woe is the fact that most health insurance schemes do not cover the cost of dental implants. As a result, despite shelling out large premiums, middle-class people have to pay for implants all on their own.

Consequently, patients might look to compromise on quality and submit to cheaper implants that might not be conducive to dental health. Patients are horrified to find the sub-standard quality of dental operations within a period of years. Lack of customizing treatments for individual patients remains a problem.

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