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Cosmetic dentistry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the medical industry. The number of people that are availing the services of cosmetic dentistry is increasing at an exponential rate. Today, the international cosmetic dentistry market has become a trillion dollar market. If you check the statistics of the last five years you would see that it has grown at a two digit rate. In this regard, the Asian markets can be considered to be the pioneers. India can be considered to be a substantial market for the growth and sustenance of dental business activities.

India has more than 2000 dental laboratories and 150 institutes which offer courses on cosmetic dentistry. The best thing is that most of these institutes boast of a scientifically approved curriculum and experienced faculty. Market experts predict that in the coming decade, India will take over the European countries as the largest market for cosmetic dental products and cosmetic dental treatment services. Today, if you look for a dental implant clinic in Delhi, you would be amazed to find that almost every urban locality has one. Although the quality of a few of these dental implant clinics is questionable, you can expect good service in most of them.

There are quite a few factors which have driven the positive growth of the dental implant industry in India. The most important is the growing awareness of dental health and oral aesthetics. A few other factors are the increased government expenditure and investment friendly government policies such as cuts in custom duties on the import of dental treatment products. The disposable income of the millennial generation has further helped strengthen the market.

However, there are few domains in which India lags behind other countries such as the manufacturing of dental products. Most of the dental equipment and accessories that are used for dental implants are imported from western countries. This impacts the pricing of dental services in India. In fact, the implant segment of dentistry is fully dependent on foreign companies. The current government has been trying to boost manufacturing within the country through various programmes and policies. In case the manufacturing industry increases, India will not only be able to cater to its home needs completely but will also be able to export additional products to the less developed countries. This will also help the Indian cosmetic dentistry companies in becoming multinational and will boost the medical tourism sector in India. At that time, a Dentist in Delhi might gain fame and recognition in the international circuit.

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