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The industry of dental implants India

In the last few years, the number of people availing services of cosmetic dentistry has increased a lot. Cosmetic dentistry is nothing, but fixing of the aesthetics of one’s oral cavity. The most common treatment in cosmetic dentistry is dental implant, which refers to the use of prosthetic materials to replace broken tooth or gaps in teeth.

There are a number of reasons why people get dental implants. The most common reason is damage in the teeth set. Many people lose parts of the teeth in accidents. They seek help of dentists to get dental implants in order to restore their oral aesthetics. Then, comes people who start losing their teeth due to old age. The number of old people opting for dental implants has also witnessed a rise recently.

In some cases, for example say children, dental implants might become necessary in case of teeth disfiguration and is recommended by dentists. Children develop cavities and to fill the cavities, dental inlays are required. Otherwise, the gap in the teeth of a child might result in further cracking of the adjacent teeth. Dental implants strengthen up the teeth set of the child suffering from cavities. For everyone else, only a dentist can comment who is eligible for dental implants India.

Since last few years, cosmetic dentistry for the sake of aesthetics has also been practised, even though there is no necessity for it. This is usually practised by the elite and celebrities. In such cases, plastic implants are used. Plastic implants refer to the replacement of healthy teeth which are not in shape. Although it is very dangerous and painful to remove healthy teeth, people opt for it to beautify their teeth set.

In this process, screws made of metals such as titanium are used to fix the artificial implant on the empty part of the teeth, as the gums become too weak due to the removal of healthy teeth. However, plastic implants are not harmful in the long run if you get it done at a good place. Nowadays, the material used as plastic implants are so good that they fuse with the original teeth enamel and need not be replaced ever in life. This can definitely be cited as a success of the industry of dental implants India.

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