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Tips on daily dental care by a dentist Mumbai

Cavities are nothing but tiny hole-formations on the hard surface of one’s teeth. The reason behind those holes is bacteria accumulations which are creating acid from sugar.

There are several home treatments which can be implemented to avoid forming cavities. Earlier it was discovered that a lack of vitamin D is the main cause behind these formations but the later conclusion tells us that the lack of vitamin D makes teeth more vulnerable to cavities.


Here are some home remedies which one can follow to avoid building cavity in their mouth. The following points were gathered according to a question-answer session was done with some renowned dentist Mumbai -

  • Having sugar-free gum: Dentists are saying that having sugar-free gum after meals assists in restoring minerals to the enamel. These chewing-gums are said to stimulate saliva flow in our mouth which actually fights bacteria thus making our teeth cavity-proof. Though they said that further research needs to be done.
  • Vitamin D: As mentioned earlier that Vitamin D regulates cavity formations, Studies tells us that it assists in absorbing phosphate and calcium from the food we eat. Dentists prescribe to gain vitamin D from dairy products. Although we gain vitamin D from sunlight.
  • One’s toothpaste must contain fluoride: Dentists says that most of the patients that visit any dental clinic in Mumbai with cavity problems are suggested to use toothpaste which has fluoride in it. Several independent researchers informed that fluoride has high mineral restoration properties in the enamel. Studies also revealed that those who used fluoride toothpaste were able to prevent cavities. Still, more research needs to be conducted in adults.
  • One must avoid sugary foods to keep them from having cavities: This is not only said by dentists but also doctors from the WHO. Sugar can be considered as the sole reason cavity formation.
  • Oil pulling - It is said to be an old age practice where one puts a considerable amount of oil in their mouth and gargling with it for 20 minutes before throwing it out. A study tells that this practice removes a considerable amount of toxins from one’s mouth and help in preventing cavities.
  • Liquorice root - It is actually a Chinese plant; where its extract can be implemented on the teeth to prevent cavity formation. Studies tell that liquorice fights several toxins in the mouth and prevents the accumulation of particular bacteria which causes cavities.
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