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What are the basic procedures followed by an implant clinic in Delhi?

When it comes to whitening one's teeth, people become more selective about what to do and what not to. So here are some effective home practices which are recommended by any dentist in Delhi -

  • Oil pulling- This practice has been on the scene over the ages. People used coconut oil to flush their mouth over 20mins and used to throw them away. This actually helped them to avoid certain bacteria which may prove fatal to one's teeth.
  • Brushing one’s teeth with baking soda- It proves to be a mild abrasive which boost in teeth whitening at a considerable extent. To get the effect of it one has to apply it on a regular basis. The result will be noticed after a few months or so. Some studies also revealed that toothpaste possessing baking soda was cent per cent successful in removing plaque from one's teeth.
  • Implementing hydrogen peroxide- It is said to be a natural bleaching agent by the chemists. This removes permanent stains form one’s teeth and treat the gums with care. Though it is a chemical, it doesn’t have any side effects. Many commercial whitening products have a mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. When patients with severe yellowish teeth avail any implant clinic in Delhi, they are treated with this chemical.
  • Utilising Apple Cider Vinegar- This vinegar is a natural disinfectant and cleaning product. This has been in used over the ages. Vinegar is acetic acid to be exact which is a death sentence to all kinds of bacteria that may harm one’s teeth. Hence, this proves to be one of the ultimate teeth whitening agents. But one must remember to use it with the consent of their respective dentist.
  • Applying vegetables and fruits- Regular consumption of fruits and vegetable keeps the dentist away. Fruit have certain chemicals which help to fight against plaque formation on teeth. A combination of baking soda and strawberries is the ultimate teeth remedy for most of the actors. Some reports also say that pineapple has a positive effect on the enamel of our teeth. Hence, vegetables and fruits are recommended by leading dentists from all over the world.
  • Don’t miss or skip brushing/flushing intentionally- Regular brushing is a habit that must be honed by everyone. This is because we intake sugar and other sticky food which sticks to our teeth. Later on this sugar and leftovers form certain bacteria which wear our teeth and form cavities.
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