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What are the best home toothache remedies suggested by any dentist India?

Among the pains that occur in the human body like joint pain, jaw pain etc, tooth pain is said to be counted among the top most painful situations among humans. Whether it is due to cavity forming or a side tooth is evolving out of nowhere. Especially, the case worsens when the pain increases at night. It becomes obvious that the person with tooth pain won’t be able to sleep for several nights to come. Hence, here are some home remedies which can minimize the pain during the medicinal course-

  • Using clove oil - these are in use not only to bring taste in curries but also to release tooth pain over the years. Clove possesses an antiseptic chemical called eugenol which makes one’s nerve numb.
  • Applying a salt water rinse - Making a salt-water rinse is the best way to sanitise one’s mouth. The saline mixture is an antiseptic, which eliminates bacteria from the patients’ mouth. Keeping one’s mouth clean will assist one in developing an infection. This will reduce the pain considerably too.
  • Cayenne pepper - one may find it spicy and hot kind of element, but it can help to ease the pain to a certain extent. It actually possesses capsaicin, an effective ingredient that can ease a toothache. It is more of an anti-inflammatory and minimizes swellings.  It is mainly suggested by an experienced dentist India.
  • Cucumber, which is at room temperature - we all know about the soothing features of cucumber. That is why people apply it in swollen eyes. If you want to utilize for it for tooth pain, slice a piece and hold it to the affected area. One can also make a mixture of sea salt and cucumber and apply it on the affected tooth.
  • Turmeric powder - It is one of the most effective and strong medicinal spices in the world. Turmeric contains a proactive ingredient known as curcumin which has several antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties. It also helps to reduce one’s toothache effectively.
  • Raw ginger- Actually ginger is an effective antiseptic and it tastes good too. Fresh ginger has the ultimate effect which includes exceptional ingredients. This includes- shogaols, gingerols etc. If one chews raw ginger, it will prove to eliminate certain bacteria in their mouth. Another way of saying is that - reducing bacteria will ultimately reduce a toothache.
  • Garlic- Any dental treatment in India that is conducted successfully, will certainly involve garlic as the patient’s home treatment. This is because garlic is widely available in India and possesses anti-bacterial properties which in turn minimize toothaches.


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