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What does a dentist India say about teeth whitening?

The most beautiful feature of someone’s face is the smile. A carefree smile has the power of cheering up not only oneself but also the people around. But, in order to smile in a carefree manner, one needs to have a clean, sparkling white teeth set. The good thing is that it is not very difficult to maintain a sparkling white teeth set. All you have to do is be a regular in oral hygiene maintenance and also refrain yourself from certain bad habits.

First of all, you should develop the attitude of being particular with oral hygiene routine. Get yourself a good quality toothpaste and brush at least twice a day. If you notice that there is even a little amount of plaque accumulated on your teeth, go for one of those alcohol based mouth washes.

Secondly, whenever you consume any kind of sticky or sugary food, wash your mouth. And most importantly, give away your habit of smoking and chewing tobacco altogether. The chemical nicotine reacts with the teeth enamel and forms stains. So, if you want a bright set of teeth, you must shed your smoking habit.

Anyway, all the aforementioned tips are not applicable for people who are already suffering from teeth discoloration. There are a number of teeth whitening procedures available in the dental services market for such people. Most of these procedures involve bleaching and polishing of teeth in order to restore the natural colour of the teeth.

In some cases, a dentist India would suggest natural methods of teeth whitening. However, the natural methods are quite time consuming and hence, a majority of people prefer to go to a dentist for a teeth whitening treatment.

It is true that cosmetic teeth whitening has been a very expensive procedure till very recent times and so, had failed to gain popularity among Indians. But, today, it can be considered a regular dental procedure. In fact, it is very easy to find a cosmetic dentist in Mumbai today. Cosmetic teeth whitening involves the removal of stains and polishing of the teeth surface in order to brighten it. The removal of stains from the teeth surface is carried out with the help of chemical emulsions. Once the stains are removed, the teeth are polished.

Teeth whitening used to be a hurtful process. However, a number of dental clinics have now started using equipment which makes the polishing process painless. Such procedures are a bit expensive today but are speculated to get cheaper as their demand increases.

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