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What does a top cosmetic dentist in India specialize in?

Cosmetic dentistry by Dentzz Dental is the safest and the most permanent way of having a brighter smile and a beautiful overall face structure.

In the last few years, cosmetic dentistry has been gaining popularity among the youth of India. This is quite evident if you look at the sheer number of dental clinics that are offering cosmetic dentistry services. Even the smaller dental clinics have introduced basic cosmetic dentistry treatments. However, it is true that cosmetic dentistry treatments are more popular among the middle class and higher income groups that are residing in urban areas. Given the increasing interest in cosmetic dentistry, the industry is getting bigger day by day.

In India, cosmetic dentistry refers to the rework on the teeth in order to provide an aesthetic look to the oral cavity. Most of the times, people go to the best cosmetic dentist in India due to tooth damage. However, many a times, people opt for such treatments to enhance their appearance. Usually, cosmetic dentistry includes certain standard procedures like teeth realignment, cavity filling, teeth whitening and polishing.

As the first step, the alignment of the teeth is checked. If any tooth is found to be differently aligned, steps are taken to re-align it according to the other teeth. Most of the times, braces are sufficient to align the teeth. However, if the degree of misalignment is high, advanced procedures follow. Sometimes, the teeth realignment procedures might be painful. However, the latest technologies claim to make these procedures painless.

After a successful tooth realignment procedure, your dentist will start checking for hidden cavities. It is to be remembered that there are certain forms of minor cavities that are not very painful but are dangerous enough to weaken the enamel of the teeth. These cavities open up the root of the teeth, rendering the canal vulnerable to bacterial infections. So, it is very important fill all the tooth cavities, painful or not. A cosmetic dentist in India is known to use bio compatible fillers for this purpose. This advancement in technology has made cosmetic dentistry one of the most sought after procedures.

After the procedure of teeth realignment and filling, the next step is the whitening of teeth. Cosmetic teeth whitening had been a very expensive procedure until recently. However, today, it has become a very regular dental procedure. Teeth whitening involves the removal of stains from the surface of the teeth, along with the polishing of the surface in order to brighten the teeth. This process has been mechanical and has hence caused some pain. However, a top cosmetic dentist in India will use chemical emulsions to remove the stains from the surface of the teeth, which make the procedure painless.

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