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What does Dentist India say about oral cancer?

Medical science has made tremendous progress over the last few years. Several diseases which were once considered to be fatal are considered to be minor ailments today. Medical technology has also significantly increased the ease and accuracy of the diagnosis of a disease. However, there are a few diseases which still remain untouched by the miracles of medical science. One such disease is cancer. Although medical science is trying its level best to fight with the menace of cancer, there are very few people who are successful in winning over cancer. The most alarming thing is that the statistics of the occurrence of cancer is rising in Indian cities.

There are a number of factors which have led to the rise of cancer in the urban areas of the country. These factors range from pollution, faulty lifestyle, fast food culture, and fertilizer laced food. However, there are a few types of cancer whose primary cause is the faulty lifestyle decisions of people. Oral cancer is one such type of cancer, which can easily be prevented by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. But, if you check the statistics, you will find that a significant proportion of the population of cancer patients in India suffer from oral cancer.

The main factor behind the occurrence of oral cancer in India is tobacco consumption. There is no doubt that tobacco is the greatest enemy to one’s oral health and is one of the primary reasons behind cancer. The chemical nicotine causes irreversible damage to the mouth due to prolonged use. One should shun the habit of tobacco use right away, without using any alternative. In case one is severely addicted to tobacco, he or she can take measures to move on to other healthier alternatives of tobacco. Shunning tobacco will definitely reduce the chance of being diagnosed with oral cancer.

The lack of care and cleanliness of the oral cavity is another factor behind cancer. Many a times, small ulcers in the mouth might take the form of cancer. So, it is very important that the occurrence of such ulcers should be prevented. It can be done by brushing teeth on a regular basis and washing the mouth after every meal. Sometimes, ulcers might develop in the oral cavity due to mineral deficiencies. One should never compromise on a balanced diet and should always get an adequate consumption of minerals. The intake of necessary minerals can be ensured by increasing the quantity of green vegetables and fruits in the meals.

The best way to protect oneself from oral cancer is to regularly visit the dentist. Today, there are several dental care centres which conduct tests for oral cancer. A visit to Dentist India would result in the discovery of signs of cancer at a very early stage, and adequate measures can be taken to fight against the disease.

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