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What is the speciality of a dentist Mumbai Maharashtra?

Dentistry was seen to be practised from ages but it has evolved at a rapid pace for the past few years. Long ago removing a mere tooth from a patients’ mouth was a big issue. But nowadays it is done just at the flick of the doctor’s hand; that too without causing any pain to the patient's gums. Other departments such as cosmetic dentistry have also evolved with new technologies which helped the doctors to bring a smile on their patient’s face. Here are some latest technologies that have transformed the form of operations done by any dentist Mumbai Maharashtra or by any dentist in India

s a special kind of light form that a dentist will focus a patient’s mouth to detect any faults/issues. This new featured technology is potentially used to diagnose early stages of cancer or disease during an oral cancer diagnosis.

Digital X-Rays
hese X-Rays are faster and implements minimum radiation than traditional X-rays. When a patient goes through a X-ray, the image projects on the computer screen within seconds. The respective dentist can then zoom into the image to acknowledge the patient regarding their oral health. These X-rays proves to be less harmful as they possess 90% less radiation than traditional X-rays.

Laser Dentistry
asers are used to enhance efficiency and minimize discomfort in a dental methodology, including reducing tooth sensitivity, whitening, filling cavities and avoiding tumours. Laser dentistry is painless, fast, and can potentially eliminate any kind of bacteria during the process to avoid any further difficulties or issues.

hey proves to be transparent, practically invisible braces that will soothingly straighten one’s teeth. They provide a soothing and effective way to beautify one’s smile without the embarrassment of wearing heavy, metal braces. They don’t restrict any food and are easy to clean.

Intraoral Camera
t is a tool that any dentist Mumbai utilize to extract quality pictures of cornered places within a patient’s mouth. This assessment helps the dentists to execute a thorough check-up of the patient’s mouth plus it assists the dentist to better address their patients relating to their oral care needs.

Dental Implants
hese are screw-substitutes for the base portion of missing teeth. Implants are improvised to restore healthy smiles when patients have issues like missing teeth. Implants are very effective because they can manage missing teeth will an artificial one, while still serving the patients with the feel and aesthetics of a natural tooth.

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