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What is the tooth implant treatment available in India?

Dental implants are a new type of permanent surgical treatment that has taken over the market in the recent decade. With soaring problems regarding dental ailments in recent years due to external as well as internal factors including personal hygiene, accidents and health disorders, dental implants have become a necessity for many.

Thanks to the improvement of modern technology in India, dental implants have gained popularity over the past few years. Many well-known dentist India have set up their implant clinics in the metropolitan cities to offer the best treatment possible. These clinics are ranked based on their services and skilled team of the best dentists in the country, besides the technology and equipment needed for the treatment. The process is a long one and requires a lot of patience as it is a permanent juncture and it does not take place overnight.

The primary mechanism of dental implants treatment is - the roots are replaced with metal, screw like posts and the damaged teeth are replaced with artificial ones which look similar to the original ones and perform the same function. The tricky part of the procedure, however, is the recovery phase when the gums are supposed to close up around the artificially fixed teeth. It may be accompanied by pain and swelling. The gums may take a long time to recover, which is completely dependent on the person and his cranial structure.

Dental implants India

There are a lot of risks associated with this procedure including infections around the area of the implant, involuntary injuries during the procedure, nerve damage around the roots due to too much pressure, and sinus problems, which are most common in sinus patients. Hence, it is essential to choose one of the best dentist India for the procedure.

There are a few procedures that are to be followed during the entire implant process that involves a comprehensive dental exam including X-ray imaging to determine the bone structure and the treatment plan. The tooth implant treatment process needs to be dealt with carefully as the conditions are different for different individuals.

The treatment plan involves three sets of dentists, the oral and maxillofacial surgeon, the periodontist and the implantologist. The patient must inform the doctor about any kind of prior discomfort or the consumption of any supplements or medicines before getting dental implants India done from any of the clinics in metro cities.

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