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Why bad breath occurs - an insight by Dentist in Delhi

The common case of Halitosis or bad breath is a major concern among health enthusiasts. As much as a bad feeling it is to have a bad breath coming out from the mouth it is equally embarrassing especially while having a conversation with a person. Halitosis mainly occurs due to the intake of unhealthy foods, not maintain proper oral care and disorder habits that degrades the overall vitality of oral health. Many Dentist in Delhi has several cases of bad breath each having its own cause and effect.

As specified by the dental practitioners there is no precise or certain cause for bad breath as it can be caused due to a number of unhealthy and improper habits. People who are concerned about their oral health takes the necessary medical measures but still retains bad breath. On the other hand, there are some who do not adhere to a healthy routine of oral health and still has no problem of bad breath. While the medical representatives are seeking to find its root cause, they have able to deduce certain activities that are bound to generate bad breath if not prevented. Though it best to check with a dentist here are some root causes of bad breath that generates its symptoms.

  • Food particles that are broken down around the teeth while consuming often the of bacteria which causes . there are foodstuffs like garlic, onions and spices that often results in bad breath. While they are digested the food particles induces in the inner which is then transported into the lungs thus affecting the breath.
  • As specified by Dentist in Delhi Unpleasant mouth is also caused by inhaling tobacco products. Frequent smoking often results in weakening of gums and making it prone to gum diseases which is another reason breath.
  • A condition of bad breath can also cause bad breath because of the fact that it lacks in saliva. The formation of saliva helps in cleansing of the mouth and wiping out particles that bad breath. Thus the of saliva in the oral sections can also be a major cause for bad breath.
  • Unable to maintain dental hygiene can stimulate halitosis. Unhygienic habits of not brushing or flossing regularly to the of bacteria degrading the oral gum and thus causing gum diseases.

While trying to reduce the exertion of bad breath it is essential to brush regularly, stick to eating healthy foods and get weekly checkups from dental practitioners.

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