Apart from all other sensitive parts of our body i.e. eyes, nose etc. teeth happen to be one that tops the list. Though it may look strong, when it comes to chewing hard food items, the root often fails to tolerate the excess pressure leading to unbearable pain. Since the root expands inside a tooth, when one is suffering from tooth pain, it means that the person is having issues with the root of their teeth.

It is reported by the leading dentists and health magazines that most of the time, people seek some home remedy options for tooth pain. Hence, to help such kind of patients, a renowned dentist Mumbai asked his followers to carry out the below-mentioned steps -

  • Salt water rinse - Until one is setting up an appointment with their dentist, one of the best steps a patient can take is to gargle warm water with salt in it.  A good mix would be - a half tablespoon of salt to 200 ml of water.
  • Clove oil - This natural remedy is great for people who are having issues like a toothache. It is recommended to rub it directly at the sore area or soak a cotton ball or hold it against the gum and tooth that is causing all the nuisance.
  • Toothache plant - Going by its name, one can easily state that it is effective towards relieving toothache. Varied types of this plant grow all over the earth, and the respective oil is the ingredient in many food items. Bear this in mind that it is still being subjected to several studies so that researchers can prove its efficacy when it comes to relieving toothache. Several renowned dentist in Delhi and their team of juniors are carrying on thorough studies regarding this.
  • Apply cold compress - If one’s face is swollen; the person should apply an ice-pack on the cheeks. Especially, if the pain is getting unbearable by the minute. Swelling could also mean that the patient has an abscess (pus gathered on the gum of that respective tooth). This can eventually lead to serious infections in the jaw and other teeth.
  • Garlic - When one crushes one clove of garlic it releases allicin, a natural resistant/fighter to diseases. It’s still a matter of debate that whether garlic can act as a natural pain reliever but one can try to put some of the pieces at the sore area. At least it doesn’t have any side effects.
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