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Why the best dentist in Mumbai uses mouthwash

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According to reports and results of expert analysis, more than half the Indian population is suffering from minute to severe oral health problems. The reason for this bad health is simple - sugar, junk food and aerated beverages are the ones to be blamed. However, even if one consumes healthy food every day, there are still chances of developing dental problems.

It is true that brushing the teeth twice a day maintains dental health but it is also true that using mouthwash after meals helps keep doctors away. Doctors from the dental clinic in Mumbai often ask their patients to use mouthwash for good oral health. The reason behind this is because the bristles in the toothbrush are unable to reach every corner of the teeth effectively. On the other hand, mouthwash can reach the innermost parts of the oral cavity.

Gums are the most vulnerable part of the body to bacteria and any noticeable inflammation is a sign of inferior health. Only a specific portion of the mouth such as the broader and flatter portion is accessible by the toothbrush, while there are plenty of virtually invisible areas that are almost inaccessible and require a cleaning. Using a soft dense bristle toothbrush can remove the harmful bacteria and food leftovers from the surface of the oral cavity. Using a mouthwash to clean the dental cavity is recommended by the best dentist in Mumbai.

From picking the right kind of toothbrush to selecting the best toothpaste and consuming healthy food, everything plays a role in improving oral health. A good oral health regime includes brushing teeth after every meal and then rinsing with a mild mouthwash. Selecting a paste which has fluoride in it is a great way to ensure the bacteria is dealt with effectively. Doctors recommend checking the ingredients used before buying any product. Dentists can also help an individual with his/her brushing technique during check-ups.

There is a widespread belief in society that visiting a dentist is all about experiencing pain and agony. The only time one visits a doctor is when he/she falls ill and suffers from ailments like cavities, toothache, swelling, etc. This needs to change and dentists should be visited routinely to keep oral health in check.

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