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Why you should take your baby to a dental clinic in Mumbai

A human baby starts growing teeth between four months to seven months. This is a very critical time regarding the health of the oral cavity of the baby. It is the responsibility of the parents to take care of the newly grown teeth of the baby, so that they remain well aligned and healthy. Taking care of the baby’s teeth is not difficult if the parents start following a routine. There are a few activities that must be carried out so that the baby can smile wide and bright.

First of all comes brushing. Brushing the teeth of the baby should be started at the onset of teething. This not only keeps the teeth clean but also helps in maintaining the shape of the teeth, as they are still in the growing stage. A small quantity of fluoride toothpaste should be used to brush the teeth. Although fluoride will help in making the enamel strong, it is to be understood that excessive use of fluoride might result in the child swallowing some of it. Check the quantity that should be used for your child with a dentist Mumbai.

Second, comes flossing. Although most people brush their baby’s teeth regularly, they forget to floss them. Flossing is extremely important in removing food particles from between the gaps in the teeth. One must remember that a baby cannot express if something is stuck between their teeth, so it is always better to floss their teeth on a daily basis.

Thirdly, the condition of bottle mouth should be avoided at any cost. Bottle mouth is a condition of premature tooth decay due to the action of sugary substances on the enamel. As the primary diet of a baby consists of milk and fruit juices, it is very possible that the sugar might react with the calcium and initiate decay. Parents should never leave the milk bottle in the mouth of the baby while the child is sleeping. If one notices the onset of decay in the baby’s teeth, the parents should not delay taking them to a dental clinic in Mumbai.

Lastly, every parent should keep an eye on what material the child chews. Babies love to chew and bite whatever they can grab. However, it is also possible that your child might get hold of articles that are made of plastic and might start chewing them. This is extremely injurious to one’s health and you should definitely head to a dental hospital in Mumbai.

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