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The cost of dental implants India

Accidents are an absolute misfortune which has the potential to change the course of one’s life. However, one should be assured that it is the indomitable spirit of human beings which makes them stand strong against all odds and conquer all kinds of situations.

Let us take the example of disfiguring of the teeth due to accidents. There are many times when people end up with damaged teeth after an accident. The damage of the teeth affects their appearance and this eventually leads to depression on the part of the victim.

However, this does not mean that the affected person would just stay low and keep cursing his or her fate. Medical technology has advanced a lot and complete restoration of damaged teeth set is possible today. This field of dentistry is known by the name of cosmetic dentistry and since the last few years, it is gaining much popularity in India and worldwide.

Besides restoring the smile of a person who has lost the shape of his or her teeth set in an accident, cosmetic dentistry also allows a healthy person to enhance their facial looks by making changes in the shape, form, colour and size of their teeth through surgery.

Dental implants refer to the restoration of broken, damaged teeth and also fix the widened gaps in the teeth set. There are different types of dental implants India, the most common of which are dental inlays, composite bonding and veneers among others.

Dentists recommend different types of dental implants India based on the requirement of the patient. For example, dental inlays are ideal when you develop cavities in your teeth. An inlay acts as supportive fillings within cavities of the teeth whose function is to support the gum structure. These are generally made of resin like material and are inlaid upon the teeth surface. The function of the inlay is to prevent further cracking. Simply put, dental inlays are dental implants that strengthen the teeth structure by holding the teeth up to the gums.

If small parts of your teeth have worn out due to some external damage, composite bonding can help to restore the beauty of your teeth. Composite bonding refers to a kind of adhesive material which is surgically applied over the damaged part. Nowadays, the material used for composite bonding is so advanced that you wouldn’t be able to spot the difference between the adhesive and the actual tooth.

With the improvement in the technology involving cosmetic dentistry, the cost of dental implant has increased a lot over the years. But you can see why it’s totally worth it. This is why many people look for health insurances which cover the cost of cosmetic dentistry.

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