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Tips given by a dentist Mumbai

Dental care is not a very difficult task. It just demands simple knowledge of the dental care processes and a sense of discipline to follow those processes. If you want to maintain your dental health and keep enjoying good food lifelong, the best thing you can do is make yourself a dental care routine.  The first and foremost task you should do is get a dental check-up and learn about the condition of your teeth set, gums, and tongue. Once you are fully aware of the health of your oral cavity, you should ask your dentist to help you make a dental care routine that you can follow religiously to keep your teeth healthy and your smile intact. Your dentist would surely give you some tips based on your dental health.  However, there are certain elements of an ideal dental care routine, which are common for all. A few of them are as follows:

1.Always use fluoride-based toothpasteYou should have the habit of brushing your teeth twice a day. One is when you wake up. The second, before going to sleep. First of all, you should always stick to this routine. Even if you are travelling, always make it a point to carry your toothbrush and a travel pack of toothpaste. Now, the market is full of a wide variety of toothpaste. There is chemical toothpaste, herbal toothpaste, and scented toothpaste. You can select any of them, but it should contain fluoride as the primary ingredient. According to dentist Mumbaino other element is as effective as fluoride in keeping teeth clean and healthy.

2.Improve your dietThe diet is essential in any health care routine. Dental care routines are no different. If you want to follow the best dental care routine, you must include food items rich in calcium and Vitamin C and exclude excessive sugar. Instead of mushy food, you should include more food items in your platter which you can chew or take bites from. At the same time, you must take care of not consuming too much hot or cold food. Extreme temperatures cause strain on the enamel. If you want to know which food items would be best for your teeth, you can talk to your dentist Mumbai.

3.Oil pullingIt is a practice endorsed by dentist Mumbai which has proven to be quite effective in removing toxins from your oral cavity. It involves slushing your oral cavity with coconut or sesame oil.

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