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What does a dentist in Delhi suggest about oral hygiene?

The key to oral health is definitely oral hygiene. The problem with today’s generation is that they rely too much on products which help in making the teeth appear whiter, brighter and shinier, but fail to follow the basic rules of hygiene. It has been proven by several researches that most dental health issues are a result of poor oral hygiene and can be prevented if the person is disciplined enough to follow some standard practices that are discussed below.

First of all, you must brush your teeth twice a day, in the morning after you wake up and in the night, before you go to bed. The brushing of teeth must be accompanied by flossing and tongue cleaning in order to ensure a clean and hygienic oral cavity. Now, the quality of your brushing depends on the tooth brush and the tooth paste you use. There are a number of brands which claim to be the best in the market in this regard, but it is best to follow your dentist’s advice on which one to use especially if you are facing some dental issues.

Secondly, you should avoid foods that are too hot, too cold or too sugary. Such foods might feel good to eat, but they weaken the enamel of your teeth. Regular intake of too hot or too cold food can make your teeth brittle and even damage the nerves of the teeth pulp causing sensitivity issues. There is no dentist in Delhi or any other place in the country who would not ask you to refrain from foods which are laced with sugar. This is because sugar is very difficult to remove from the teeth surface and attracts germs to set in.

Thirdly, you must give up the habit of smoking and drinking altogether. Smoking especially has a very bad effect on your teeth causing discoloration of the enamel and development of permanent stains. You should also stay away from the habit of tobacco chewing as it might damage your teeth completely and even lead to consequences as severe as mouth cancer.

All in all, you must make it a point to practice oral health and preventive dentistry in your day-to-day life and pay visits to your dentist on a regular basis to enjoy dental health.

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